Family Italian Nights


Everyone has that one night a week where they don’t want to cook after a full day of work. We are here to make your life easier with this new and affordable take out program!

Family Italian Nights is a scheduled family take-out meal, and you can choose your pasta, sauce, and add-ins for each meal you receive. Or, pick your favorite and never worry about it again! Each meal is portioned for a family of about four, with:

  • 4 dinner rolls
  • House or caesar salad
  • pasta with sauce and up to 3 toppings

You choose how often (weekly, biweekly, monthly), and what day (Monday – Thursday), and your desired pick-up time (4:00 – 8:00) so it’s fresh upon pickup. You can choose to receive a text or an email to remind you to make your meal choices a few days before

Each meal is $60 + 15% gratuity to support our staff (+tax). You can choose to pay in-restaurant or on the phone, every time you pick up or choose to pay for two weeks or one month ahead of time. We also offer bottles of wine for takeout with your meal at retail price (someone 21+ must pick up order if it includes wine and wine must be paid for for that specific order, not ahead of time. Even if you choose to pay ahead, 15% gratuity will still be applied to wine take-out).

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